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About us

In 1980 RFIB set up business in the heart of the City of London, personal computers were launched, Jimmy Carter authorised legislation giving $1.5 billion in loans to bail out Chrysler Corporation, and Bjorn Borg won his fifth consecutive Wimbledon title. 

The world has changed a lot since then and so has RFIB. But one thing which has remained constant is our commitment to building business through personal relationships, by listening to our clients and developing a deeper understanding of their requirements. 

The right people. The right environment 
It all starts with creating a positive and constructive work environment. 
Everything from the office layout to our management processes facilitates open communication and an entrepreneurial spirit that encourages the search for industry leading strategies and a determination to do better for all our clients. 

Today, the future of RFIB is in the hands of the people who work here. 

International reach
With offices in a number of major international centres and strong relationships in many more, we have the breadth and depth to handle business wherever it may take us.  

Focused on the future, we are highly motivated, in possession of considerable knowhow and ready to talk to you.