Shipyards & Building Risks

A particular area of focus for RFIB since its earliest days, our clients range from some of the largest shipyards in the world through to some of the most specialist.

Our team knows that the very differing requirements of individual shipyards are driven by a number of factors including size and scope of activities. We also know that to achieve the most efficient result, wherever possible we need to develop specially designed programmes incorporating individual wordings built around the needs of each client.

Our wide range of activities in shipyard and building risks include:

  • Builders guarantee (dependant on market conditions) in conjunction with builder’s risks policy.
  • Conversion risks
  • Delayed or non-delivery coverage in conjunction with the builder’s risks policy (normally from a peril insured against)
  • Shipyard covers or individual constructions
  • Package policies - frequently tailored for specific clients, policies can, for example, include sections for builder’s risks, ship repairer’s legal liability and floating dry-docks
  • Yard Covers, conversion risks and/or package policies can be extended, as required, to provide coverage for tows or movements, including lay up periods
  • War and strikes etc - risks can be incorporated into most builder’s risks policies.